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Cooling Tune Up

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Why bother getting an air conditioning service plan? Because nobody is happy when their air conditioning system breaks down. Central air conditioning maintenance is crucial to keep your house cool. And breakdowns almost always happens at the worst time—when the weather is hottest. What’s more, if you’re having problems, you can bet others are too. You might have to wait a long time for service. For that reason, we have a solution: consider a Burch’s cooling service plan

GOLD Cooling Plan: Annual Price: $249.95

The Gold Cooling Plan can be used to cover a central air conditioning system or heat pump. The Gold Cooling Plan Includes:

  • Annual precision cooling tune-up
  • Priority Service*
  • 25% discount on non-covered parts and labor
  • Loyalty Credits

Our Gold Cooling Plan includes many things that typically can go wrong with your system. It includes a yearly tune-up and inspection, as well as FREE parts and repair of the following:

  • air filters (replaced if provided by customer
  • blower drive belt
  • blower motor ($125 allowance)
  • blower motor drive pulley
  • blower shaft
  • blower wheel
  • condensate pump
  • condenser fan blade
  • condenser fan motor
  • defrost sensor
  • electric contactor
  • fan center
  • fan relay
  • high pressure switch
  • low pressure switch
  • low voltage thermostat (cool only)
  • low voltage transformer
  • rain shield
  • refrigerant – 1st lb per plan year
  • running capacitor
  • starting capacitor
  • time delay control
  • thermostat (manual) ($50 allowance for digital)
  • thermostat subbase


Precision Cooling Tune-Up

Your cooling system will be tuned up annually to ensure that it operates at maximum efficiency. We will:

  • Lubricate all moving parts: blower motor and condenser fan, (if necessary).
  • Check suction line temperature and pressure.
  • Check temperature drop between return and supply air.
  • Flush condensate drain to protect against overflow.
  • Clean outdoor/indoor condenser coil.
  • Check blower motor and belt, (if applicable).
  • Check blower speed.
  • Inspect all controls for proper operation.
  • Check voltage and amperage in all motors.
  • Check for worn bearings in all motors.
  • Inspect operation and condition of compressor contacts.
  • Inspect start and run capacitors and relays for bulges, rust and leaks.
  • Tighten and inspect all wires and connections.
  • Inspect and adjust thermostat/mercury bulb.
  • Inform customer of equipment condition. Recommend necessary repairs.

* Cooling service provided between 7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. (Emergency Weekend Service available)

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  I was sharing with my son-in-law and his wife an experience I had some years ago with one of your service personnel fixing our air handler. The time and persistence he spent in getting it operating correctly was just awesome. Also, the whole time/parts were covered by the service plan I have on my A/C. …  
James B.
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  We have two rental homes in Indian Head and are very pleased with the service you provide!  
Diana A.
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  When times were tough for us, you were there when we needed you. Thank you.  
Dave L.
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  Burch Oil is great! Keep up the good work.  
Derrel R.
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  Great and friendly service all around, from the phone call to the oil delivery.  
Kenneth L.
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