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High-Quality Heating Oil Delivery Service

Oil Delivery Services

When you combine an efficient heating oil system with an effective heating oil delivery service, like the heating oil delivery service offered by Burch Oil, you can be confident in the control and reliability you have in your homes heating system. We have been delivering high-quality heating oil to homes and businesses in the Southern Maryland area for more than 90 years now. Keep reading to see how you can take advantage of this incredible service, and how Burch Oil can serve you.

Benefits of Heating Oil Delivery with Burch Oil


We are proud of how effective our heating oil services are here at Burch Oil. When you use our heating oil delivery service, not only are you getting high-quality heating oil — treated with Ultra Guard™ additives that increase performance and mitigate any breakdowns caused by sludge buildup — but you get to consistently rely on either a full heating oil, or a reliable fill up, rain or shine.

We store our heating oil supply on-site in an 800,000-gallon storage facility, so we can deliver on our promise of safety and promptness with every delivery. With our heating oil supply stored, we are also protecting ourselves and our service from unpredictable fuel markets and pricing, meaning that we can consistently provide the same level of quality service and prices every time.

Scheduled Heating Oil Delivery

We offer two different types of heating oil delivery services, designed to fit your schedule and your budget in the most convenient way possible.

Heating Oil

Automatic Heating Oil Delivery

Just like any “auto-pay” system you might have set up for utility bills, you can also schedule automatic heating oil deliveries with Burch Oil. Instead of turning the thermostat and realizing your heating oil tank is empty, you can enroll in our complimentary scheduling service so you can always rely on a full and functional tank. Our team will consider weather forecasts, as well as your unique oils usage habits and history when performing a delivery, to ensure that we provide a fill up when you need it, and when we can do our best job that fits within your schedule.

Will-Call Heating Oil Delivery

We can consistently provide heating oil delivery services all around Southern Maryland, and if our automatic heating oil delivery service is not what you are looking for, we also offer a will-call heating delivery method. If you are someone who likes to constantly monitor your own tank’s fuel gauge and schedule each delivery appointment to fit your own schedule, just call our office and schedule a delivery when you are running low. To ensure that you never run out we recommend scheduling a will-call heating oil delivery from Burch Oil when your tank gauge reads one-quarter full.

Southern Maryland’s most trusted heating oil service for over 90 years

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Heating Oil Delivery with Burch Oil

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A heating oil tank is an extremely effective and efficient method of heating your home — but it’s only effective when it’s has oil in it, and quality oil at that. Instead of worrying about your next oil delivery or crossing your fingers every time you flip the thermostat, let your trusted local heating oil delivery service, Burch Oil, provide the service you need. We have proudly been providing heating oil deliveries and quality heating oil to homes and businesses all over Southern Maryland for over 90 years. Get a free estimate for pricing here, or give us a call and see how Burch Oil can start providing for you.

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  I was sharing with my son-in-law and his wife an experience I had some years ago with one of your service personnel fixing our air handler. The time and persistence he spent in getting it operating correctly was just awesome. Also, the whole time/parts were covered by the service plan I have on my A/C. …  
James B.
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  We have two rental homes in Indian Head and are very pleased with the service you provide!  
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  When times were tough for us, you were there when we needed you. Thank you.  
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  Burch Oil is great! Keep up the good work.  
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  Great and friendly service all around, from the phone call to the oil delivery.  
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