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Your Heating Oil Tank Is A Critical Part Of Your Home, Update Yours!

You rely on your heating oil tank to provide that energy and warmth throughout your house. You get back home on a colder winter night, you flip a switch (or your thermostat flips it for you) and voila! Heat and warmth start surging through your home, getting you nice and toasty. But when you need your home to be warmed and that switch doesn’t do anything, or your heating oil tank is empty or not functioning properly, that can be a cold and frustrating experience.

Burch Oil Tank

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At Burch Oil, we are committed to servicing all your heating oil tank needs and doing everything we can to prevent that cold and frustrating experience. Our specialists have been installing and refilling heating oil tanks all over southern Maryland for almost 100 years now, and we are trusted to do what is necessary to get heat to your home. We can remove your old or incapacitated oil tank, provide delivery service to refill your oil tank, install a variety of different heating oil tanks, and provide a free estimate for all of it to fit your home-heating needsGive us a call if you have any questions or need heating oil tank services for your home.

Oil Tank Specialist

Installation with Burch Oil

Our heating oil tank specialists at Burch Oil have a lot of experience working with and installing different types of heating oil fuel tanks in a number of locations. If you are in the market for a new heating oil tank, chances are you have an old fuel tank sitting around somewhere that you need help dealing with; Burch Oil can remove and dispose of your old fuel tank for you. And, we can install a new state-of-the-art model, all in as little as one day.

Depending on what your prior heating oil setup is or if you are looking to convert to a heating oil system, we can help with a number of different situations. For new above-ground units, we can install a high-grade Roth Double-Wall Oil Storage tank, that takes up minimum floor space and comes with a galvanized steel outer tank and a corrosion-resistant inner tank. For underground tanks, not only can we dig up, remove, and dispose of your old underground heating oil tank, but we can install a high-quality underground tank model from Highland and Bristol that is guaranteed to last.

We offer a five-year extended warranty on every new tank we install, so you can feel protected and comfortable with your investment. Heating oil tanks aren’t very cheap either, so Burch Oil also offers financing on a new fuel oil tank for credit-approved customers. At Burch Oil, we are extremely dedicated to service and provide for all your heating oil needs, in a way and at a price that works for you. We serve St. Mary, Charles, and Calvert counties, so contact us today and get your free estimate to find the best option for you and your home.

Roth Oil Tank

Fast Installation of your New Heating Oil Tank

Burch Oil can remove your old fuel tank and install a new state-of-the-art model in as little as one day. More and more oil heat customers are opting for double-walled above ground units, but we also remove underground tanks and replace them with state-of-the-art underground units by Highland and Bristol that are guaranteed to last.

New heating oil tank financing is available for credit-approved customers. To protect your investment, we offer a five-year extended warranty on all new tanks we install.

Contact us for more information about oil tanks, the best options for you, installation deals and FREE estimates.

Roth Heating Oil Tanks

  • Weld-free galvanized steel outer tank
  • Corrosion resistant inner tank
  • Minimum floor space required
  • Removable base for easy accessibility
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  I was sharing with my son-in-law and his wife an experience I had some years ago with one of your service personnel fixing our air handler. The time and persistence he spent in getting it operating correctly was just awesome. Also, the whole time/parts were covered by the service plan I have on my A/C. …  
James B.
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  We have two rental homes in Indian Head and are very pleased with the service you provide!  
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  When times were tough for us, you were there when we needed you. Thank you.  
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  Burch Oil is great! Keep up the good work.  
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  Great and friendly service all around, from the phone call to the oil delivery.  
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