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Don’t Buy Your HVAC System From a Big Box Store

Big box stores make buying the stuff we need extra-convenient. You can purchase a new TV, get several quarts of motor oil, and choose a new lounge chair all under one roof. You don’t have to go to different shops just to get a rug for the living room and a new laptop for your child’s schooling. It’s actually a good idea to list down everything you need so you can get them all with one trip to the nearest big-box store.

an hvac expert

But just because you can purchase something at a big box store doesn’t mean you should. There are some exceptions. One of those is your HVAC equipment.

While there are many big box stores that carry HVACs, a better option would be to purchase your new unit from a contractor offering HVAC services, including sales and installation. Here are some of the reasons why:

Big Box Stores Prioritize Moving Products

When it comes to HVACs, big-box salespeople might have a general knowledge of the items they are pushing, but their primary responsibility is to explain the advantages of certain products for the purpose of selling as many of them as possible.

You might notice how salespeople tend to encourage you to buy a particular product without even knowing about the features you truly need. These “specials” are being moved as quickly as possible, so a salesperson’s primary focus is not to sell you what you need, but what they’re trying to meet their quota for. Even if this were not the case, a salesperson doesn’t have the training that an expert does.

If you buy an HVAC system from a big box store, the person or persons you were speaking with are not going to install your system. They will box it up and deliver it to your home, but their partner installer will handle the installation. The big-box store will probably earn more money with this partnership, and the installation is not likely to be free on your part.

Salespeople Are Not As Technically Proficient

Salespeople might be able to answer some of the basic questions you have about an HVAC system they’re selling, but the more technical questions are usually beyond them. Their expertise is sales, not service. 

HVAC services provided by an expert can help you understand your HVAC system more than if you asked the big box store salesman. 

The big-box store’s partner—typically a home improvement store—might be able to handle the installation of your system, but you can’t be sure how well the installation was done because they don’t specialize in HVAC service, installation, and repairs. They don’t have the same level of training and experience as HVAC-focused contractors.

Even if you do understand a thing or two about HVAC systems, and you believe buying your new system at a big box store will lead to savings, remember that these pieces of equipment are highly complex. An HVAC expert can give you more pointers as to which system will fit your needs best, install the unit, check if it’s running properly, and come back to maintain it. If you encounter an emergency with the system, HVAC experts are likely to be available 24/7 to help you, which isn’t something a big box store employee can promise.

You’ll Have to Deal With Different People

At the big box store, you’ll probably have to ask a salesperson about the HVAC units, who will then call the person in charge of that section. Then, if you buy a unit from them, you won’t see them again, because another person will deliver the system, and probably still another will install it. 

When you go to an HVAC company, you don’t have to deal with different people. You’ll be speaking with an expert who can explain what you’re buying, then they will deliver and install your unit. It’s highly likely you’ll also be speaking with the same person regarding heating oil and delivery. This prevents delays and confusion.

If anything goes wrong with your equipment, you won’t have to deal with a “he said, she said” scenario. An expert will ask you the most pertinent questions about the system on the phone or in person, then perform a professional inspection to determine what’s wrong with the unit.

You Can Be Sure About Warranties

An HVAC system should come with a warranty. When you purchase your HVAC system at a big box store, they should immediately explain the coverage of your warranty. If they don’t give you a warranty, they try to stall, or they tell you to ask the installer, you already know that something isn’t right.

Even if they are forthcoming in explaining your warranty, you cannot be entirely sure about it. They might also fail to inform you that the warranty needs to be registered, or that you need to use a specific brand of heating oil and other such matters.

But if you go to an HVAC contractor, they will explain your warranty and inform you immediately about what you should do, such as register the warranty within a set period of time. Some contractors will handle the registration so you don’t have to worry about it. This is advantageous especially for elderly customers who don’t use computers.

Many reputable contractors will give you a warranty from the HVAC manufacturer and another warranty for their workmanship. This will cover you in case of product failure due to manufacturing defects or workmanship errors. 

Good contractors will also explain how you can protect your warranty from being voided, such as scheduling regular maintenance, keeping the maintenance or repair receipts, regularly replacing or cleaning the filter, using the right heating oil and others.

If you need medical advice or treatment, you go to a doctor specializing in what you need. If you need your car fixed, you visit a motor vehicle mechanic. 

It only stands to reason that you should get in touch with an HVAC expert contractor if you want to replace your old HVAC, repair a broken unit, replace parts that have failed, and ask about heating oil and delivery. Call Burch Oil for your heating concerns. You can also schedule your heating oil delivery by calling (301) 373-2131 or using this page

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