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Tips for Optimizing Your Heating Oil Consumption

Furnaces and boilers use low viscosity grades of fuel oil to heat homes. When your oil tank runs out of oil, your heating equipment will automatically shut off, leaving you cold and freezing in the colder months. Here are top tips to conserve oil and save on costs: 

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Weatherproof Your Doors and Windows

Another excellent way to save energy on heating is to seal your doors and windows. Weatherproofing as a means to winterize your home can help conserve oil and make your living space more comfortable and energy-efficient. Applying weather stripping around doors and windows can keep the warm air in and cold drafts out. For houses that do not have storm windows, applying plastic film insulation is especially helpful.

Get Your Heating System Tuned-Up

By regularly performing tune-ups and safety checks on your heating system, you can ensure you are not spending more money than you normally have to on heating oil. A properly cleaned and maintained furnace or boiler consumes up to 25 percent less fuel. When a heating services technician inspects your system, they make sure all components, including supply lines, pump motor, and blower, are in tip-top condition and will not cause you trouble down the line.

Adjust the Thermostat and Keep Vents Clear

Turning the thermostat a couple of degrees at night and then turning it back up in the morning can reduce your heating consumption, therefore help conserve oil. Additionally, keeping the perimeter around your radiators and vents clear and unobstructed by furniture will allow for conditioned air to circulate better throughout your home.

When it comes to heating oil delivery and AC services in Maryland, Burch Oil is the name to trust. Give us a call at (301) 298-1673 or fill out our contact form and we will send one of our trusted technicians to your home.

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  1. Victoria Addington says

    It captured me the most when you discussed that weatherproofing your doors and windows is energy-efficient as it can help save heating oil. I think that’s the solution we need in our home. We also need to look for a dealer that offers heating oil delivery for convenience during winter.

  2. Eve Mitchell says

    Thanks for sharing that a properly cleaned oil tank can save up to 25% of the fuel. I’m thinking about getting more heating oil delivered for my tank. It’ll be nice to talk with a professional about getting this done.

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