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The Best Temperature Setting for Your Water Heater

Your water heater is an important device in your household. It serves different purposes and ensures your comfort when bathing or showering. This is why getting the proper setting for your water heater is crucial.

Best Temperature Setting

Keep reading as heating equipment expert Burch Oil shares more information about the best water heater setting.

Energy Costs

Getting the right temperature setting for your water heater can help in saving energy costs. Typical water heaters are set at 140 degrees, but the U.S. Department of Energy recommends setting it at 120 degrees for better efficiency. Unless it’s extremely cold outside, 120 degrees is enough to cater to a small household. Though you can further lower the setting, this could increase the risk of bacterial growth. It’s best not to go lower than what is recommended.

Health Considerations

Though 120 degrees is good for fewer persons in a home and younger family members, there are times that the standard 140 degrees must be set for immunocompromised individuals to inhibit bacterial growth. Most heating services also recommend setting your water heater to 140 degrees if you have an older dishwasher that has no booster heater installed.

Regular Inspection and Parts Replacement

To make the most of your water heater, it is best to have it regularly inspected. Replacing older parts or components that have worn out can significantly improve the performance of your water heating system. Moreover, regular care for your water heater allows you to spot issues that may pose risks or become costly problems in the future. Most importantly, replacing an old water heater with a newer, more efficient one will not only lessen your energy costs, but it will also improve overall comfort and functionality.

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