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Top 3 Reasons to Replace Your Furnace This Summer

Maryland summers are typically warm and pleasant, providing many opportunities for fun and recreation. But for many homeowners, it’s also the perfect season to get some home improvement projects done, especially those that typically require outdoor work. And if your home exterior and landscaping are all in tip-top shape, you should check the inside of your home for possible areas of improvement. Have you checked your furnace lately? If you’ve been having problems with it since the previous winter, you should consider having it replaced. 

Replace Your Furnace This Summer

You’ll realize that summer is the ideal time for this upgrade. Yes, really – a summer furnace replacement comes with many advantages you won’t find in other seasons. The trusted heating oil and delivery expert in the area, Burch Oil, shares why you should upgrade your furnace this summer.

  1. Greater Convenience

Summer is the busiest time for home improvement companies. But for HVAC contractors, not so much. Most homeowners have their repairs and tune-ups completed in spring and fall so they can prepare their HVAC system for summer and winter, respectively. A scheduled furnace replacement during the hottest time of the year? That’s somewhat rare. And because your local HVAC technician isn’t as busy around this time, you won’t be contending with other homeowners for their attention. In fact, you may find it incredibly easy to schedule your project. You won’t be put on any waiting list, and you can rest easy knowing your HVAC contractor will completely focus on your furnace upgrade.

  1. Better Deals

A furnace replacement in summer can actually help you save money. That’s because most HVAC manufacturers launch new products toward the beginning of fall, which means older furnace models will likely be sold at a discount. But you should still be picky with your furnace options even if getting an ‘off-season’ model doesn’t bother you. After all, you don’t want to buy something that’s too old. Make sure to check the AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) rating of the furnace you like. The AFUE rating measures the amount of heat being delivered to your home relative to the amount of heating oil you must supply to the furnace. You’re good if the model you pick has a high AFUE rating because it means you’ll get more heating for every dollar you spend on fuel.

  1. More Time to Research Furnace Options

Imagine your furnace breaking down on you in the middle of winter. You’ll be rushing for a replacement just so you and your family can get warm and comfortable as soon as possible. Because of this time pressure, you won’t have the opportunity to research and compare your options – you’ll only be picking the furnace that’s immediately available. But if you schedule your furnace upgrade in summer, there won’t be any need to hurry. You’ll have time to learn more about your choices and pick the one that best fits your needs and budget.

Which Oil Furnace Should You Go For?

If you have difficulty choosing a new oil furnace for your home, just consult a trusted heating oil and HVAC service provider like Burch Oil. We offer a range of oil-fired furnaces from trusted industry names, including Armstrong Air®, Thermo Pride®, and Carrier®. Here are some of our top picks:

  • Armstrong Air L85BFV/RV Oil Furnace. This particular model comes with an 85% AFUE efficiency rating, helping you save more on annual fuel costs. Thanks to its insulated cabinet, this furnace prevents the loss of warm air, while allowing for a more quiet and consistent operation. Like many advanced oil furnaces, the Armstrong Air L85BFV/RV comes with a variable speed motor to deliver the proper amount of airflow based on your home’s heating needs. Not only that, but it features a solid-state ignition, PSC burner motor, and Clean-Cut pump for reliable heating performance.
  • Carrier Performance® 80 Oil Furnace. You can’t go wrong with a Carrier oil furnace. This particular model offers enhanced comfort features and up to 86.4% AFUE rating for greater energy savings. When paired with a heat pump or a two-stage air conditioner, the Performance 80 oil furnace can provide improved humidity control. This model also comes with its own fully insulated cabinet to minimize noise levels. But if you want to get the most of the benefits offered by your Carrier oil furnace, make sure to work with a trusted HVAC services company like Burch Oil for its installation.
  • Thermo Pride OH8 Series Oil Furnace. This option comes with a compact design that makes it a good fit in low ceiling basements. It comes with a factory-standard PSC blower motor for high reliability and factory-standard cost savings. To ensure improved energy efficiency, the Thermo Pride OH8 Series Oil Furnace has an AFUE rating of up to 86%. 

Other Excellent Reasons to Work With Burch Oil

Once you have your new furnace installed by your HVAC services contractor, the next step is to get your heating oil delivery set up. Burch Oil can help you with this. We have served the heating oil needs of homeowners and business owners in Southern Maryland for over 90 years. When you choose us for this service, you get:

  • High-quality heating oil treated with Ultra Guard™ additives, allowing for increased performance and preventing any breakdowns caused by sludge buildup. Our heating oil supply is stored on-site in an 800,000-gallon storage facility. With our oil supply stored, we can provide you with the same level of quality service and prices that will remain untouched by fluctuations in the fuel market.
  • Prompt and efficient heating oil delivery. Burch Oil can take the responsibility of remembering to refill your heating oil tank. Just give us a call and we’ll schedule your future oil deliveries to better fit your routine. We also offer automatic heating oil delivery, and this works like any auto-pay system. By setting this up, you get a consistent time for future automatic oil deliveries based on your unique usage rates. But if you’d rather track your fuel usage and levels, we can help you schedule your heating oil deliveries on an individual basis. Burch Oil is all about flexibility and efficiency. No matter the delivery option you choose, you can always expect reliable and on-time heating oil delivery.

Schedule an HVAC Consultation

Burch Oil specializes in heating oil and delivery, but we can also handle your heating and air conditioning installation. If you ever need a furnace upgrade this summer, you know exactly who to call. Hint: it’s us! We proudly serve homeowners in Hollywood and other areas in Southern Maryland. Get started on your project by calling us at (301) 373-2131 or filling out this contact form. We’d love to hear from you!

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